Welcome to the official site of the Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Luxembourg !

Our institution is dedicated to women’s health and well-being.

Together with a group of midwifes and ultrasound specialists, we provide all necessary health care services during the follow-up of your pregnancy, labour and delivery.

We provide specialized surgical care for all gynecologic and breast cancers, we treat the complete range of benign diseases and we assure the correction of pelvic statics and urinary incontinence.


A multidisciplinary and highly qualified team!

Doctors Claude BORSI, Paul GRATIA, Gerald SIMON, Sophie BERGLUND SCHOU, Jean-Baptiste OLIVIER and Peter NARDAI form the team of specialists who will accompany you throughout your treatment.

A wide field of specializations and skills.

Surrounded by qualified and experienced staff, we treat all your pathologies whether benign or malignant.

From the diagnosis to the surgical treatments, you will be accompanied during all your care by your doctor and all his care team.


- Obstetrics/Delivery -

Supported by a group of midwifes and ultrasound specialists, we provide all necessary health care services during the follow-up of your pregnancy. All blood analyses are performed at our institution. The quality of morphologic ultrasound examinations is assured by high precision 3D / 4D ultrasounds certified specialists.

- Breast Cancer -

As one of the main activities of our team, we provide complete care for this condition, relying on our cooperation with the radiologists and oncologists of the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg.

- Gynecologic screening

and follow-up -

From puberty to menopause, we take care of every aspect of the gynecologic follow-up and screening.

- Prolapsus/Urinary Incontinence -

These very frequent but often neglected conditions are completely taken care of in our institution. Thanks to our technical support and close collaboration with urologists, we can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis, as well as a very precise and highly performant surgical solution as necessary.

- Gynecologic Surgery -

Familiar with all the minimal invasive approaches in gynecologic and pelvic surgery, our team offers a very high level of surgical approach for all benign and malignant diseases.

Our paramedical staff is at your disposal.

Right upon your arrival, our secretaries and midwifes will take care of you to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

 Modern and Suitable Environment

 Located opposite to the Josy Barthel Stadium, our institution can be reached easily by any means of transportation. Our premises are designed to give all the warm welcome and attention that you deserve.

L'Institut de Gynécologie et d'Obstétrique

121 A route d'Arlon / L-1150 LUXEMBOURG