During a labiaplasty we reduce the size of the inner labias whose volume is considered to be too large (hypertrophic). Hyperthrophy can be disturbing during sports, sexual life.

The operation is carried out under general anaesthesia. We use a special technique, whose aim is to conserve the natural shape and smoothness of the labias.

During the suture we use very thin, absorbable material.

A one-day hospitalization is sufficient in most cases, but in the case of pain, a one-night hospital stay can be necessary.

Full recovery is achieved in about one week.

 Complications :

The most frequent complication is a bad healing of the scar, which may cause the surgical edges to tear. You may get worried about that, but with a very simple second surgery, it can be easily repaired.

 In rare cases a local haematoma can be observed.

 Sometimes a local reduced sensitivity may be noticed, but this will usually resolve in a few months.

The Bartholin glands are located in the posteror part of the vulva, at the entry of the vagina. These glands contribute to the lubrication of the vagina, but their role is not indispensable.

 If the opening of the Bartholin duct to the vagina gets blocked, a cyst can develop. If the cyst gets infected, an abscess can build up, causing heavy pain, and needs to be opened in an emergency operation.

 Once the abscess is opened, a drain is put inside to keep the scar open. Regular local treatment is needed, that can be done by yourself or by a nurse.

 If the gland is removed entirely, the scar can be sutured immediately with absorbable stiches.

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