Frequelntly Asqued Qestions

1/ Pregnancy
1/ I have to take a treatment, but don’t know if I can take it during the pregnancy. How can I be informed?

A: You can always relaie on your specialists professionnal opinion. As the domain of pharmacology changes so frequently we yous the french national database concerning medications
during pregnancy. You can browse the site yourself, even if we are at your entire disposition for all questions:

2/ I would like to travel during the pregnancy. Until what time can I take a plane?

A: It depens always on the airplaine company you are taking and your doctor’s permission.
By general rules you can fly until 36th weeks, but after that date you should be in Luxembourg. Airplane companies usually ask a certificate from your health care professionnal, what requires a medical examination only a few days before your departure. It is always recommanded to take a travel insurance / cancellation prolicy while pregnant and to informe yous gynecologists about the travel.

3/ I would like to travel to a special destination. How do I know if it is safe for pregnant women?

A: You can always ask your obstetrician. We base on the official site of US government, as it is one of most complete one:


2/Non pregnant problems

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